Frequently Asked Questions
These are questions sent to Hoax Busters that, by their very nature, require a more detailed explanation than is found on the BIG LIST. Click on the question to see the answer.
Q:!0000 or foils e-mail worms
Q:#77, *77, *677, *112 to call police
Q:809 area code scam
Q:90# phone scam (#90)
Q:ABC News reporters can't wear American flag lapel pins
Q:Arabs celebrate after 9/11
Q:Artist starves dog to death
Q:Automobile air conditioner
Q:Barack Obama is a closet Muslim - and other stupid stories from the '08 campaign
Q:Barack Obama opens fried chicken franchise in China
Q:Boycott gasoline
Q:Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act
Q:Brutus the dog wins Congressional Medal of Honor
Q:Cell phone electrocution
Q:Cell phones & telemarketers
Q:Christian websites shut down
Q:Christmas card for "A Recovering American Soldier"
Q:"Clear" button at gas pump prevents fraud
Q:Cough CPR
Q:Credit Bureau opt-out
Q:Don't accept chat invitations from [fill in name here]
Q:Dr Pepper (Coca-Cola & Pepsi) is unpatriotic
Q:Driver's license information on the Internet
Q:Find a good home for two Labrador Retrievers
Q:Free 411 calls by dialing 1-800-FREE411
Q:Fuji anti-semitism
Q:George Bush, anonymous donor
Q:Gift cards and bankruptcy
Q:Hydroplaning & cruise control
Q:Kidney theft
Q:Killer pancake mix
Q:Little girl at Phuket Hospital
Q:Mail Server Report virus warning
Q:Mall abduction
Q:Margarine is one molecule from being plastic
Q:Missing children
Q:Mulch contains termites
Q:Muslim Christmas stamp
Q:Osama bin Laden captured/hanged virus warning
Q:Oscar Mayer doesn't support the war in Iraq!
Q:Perfume Scam
Q:PIN number in reverse notifies police
Q:Polish girl badly burned in fire
Q:Postcard virus is worst ever
Q:Pringles - Cancer in a Can
Q:Recluse spider-bite photos
Q:Sams Club - abducted child
Q:Serial killer in Louisiana
Q:Slavemaster (and other dangerous screen names)
Q:Social Security and Congress
Q:Social Security and Illegal Immigrants
Q:Starbucks doesn't support the war in Iraq!
Q:Target stores unfair to [insert name of your favorite group here]
Q:Tommy Hilfiger is a racist
Q:UN Peace Initiative - Petition
Q:Zicam cold remedy causes loss of smell